Business Process Review

Network Diagram and Infrastructure Review assesses an organization's network to ensure compliance with standards and regulations. Our consultants evaluate network diagrams and provide recommendations for improvement.

Firewall and IDS/IPS Rule Set Review ensures that the firewall configuration and rule set meetbusiness and compliance requirements. Our consultants perform a line-by-line analysis of firewall configuration, checking for industry best practices as outlined by the Center for Internet Security and other expert bodies. As firewalls serve as one of the first lines of defense, a weak link can leave an organization open to considerable risk.

System and Device Configuration Review exposes configuration vulnerabilities. Our consultants review configurations in your organization's computer systems, help secure your IT environment, and provide recommendations for mitigating security risks that could compromise system security.

Information Security Policy Review helps ensure that your organization has sound security policies in place. Policies need to reflect current business requirements, but given the dynamic nature of many industries, policies need to be actively maintained.
Nexusguard Consulting recommends an annual review of information security controls against their applicable policies. Through interviews and audit sessions, our consultants review policies to determine if they are being followed as intended and still appropriate as written, and, if necessary, recommend any needed changes.

Physical Security Assessment provides an overall view of building and facility security based on a non-invasive walkthrough with your organization's security personnel. Our consultants evaluate all physical security controls in scope, such as:
access control systems, guards, CCTV cameras, access badges, locks, lighting, fences, and more. For higher-level security, Nexusguard Consulting also conducts Physical Attack & Penetration assessments — invasive attempts to “break in” to a site or facilityupon your request.