Data Acquisition produces evidence your organization may need if it becomes the victim of a computer-related crime. Our certified data acquisition investigators discover, collect, and analyze volatile evidence in a forensically sound manner in order to provide documentation you might need in a court of law.

Forensic Data Recovery is the process of salvaging lost data in case of system corruption, human error, or malicious acts. Our consultants utilize forensic recovery tools to retrieve data from storage, all while protecting its integrity.

Data Remanence refers to data that remains on a storage device, often unintentionally, even after a user “removes” it. Nexusguard Consulting helps organizations permanently erase sensitive information to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Expert Witness services provide computer forensic experts for legal proceedings.
Digital information is often used as evidence in lawsuits and settlements. Using our professionals as witnesses can make a huge difference in its admissibility in a court of law. Nexusguard Consulting's forensic experts explain complicated technical issues in a way that juries and judges can understand.

Third Party Reputing services provide investigators to help organizations counteract computer-related crimes, such as financial fraud, unauthorized intrusion, and the theft of intellectual property. Using forensically recovered evidence, our consultants reconstruct the “crime scene” and endeavor to reveal its details, including theattacker, victims, attack tools, and data lost. Our investigators know the laws and regulations related to computer crime in the country they're operating in, and areconversant in all popular computer and network operating systems.