Scanning & Testing

Vulnerability Scanning proactively identifies vulnerabilities in computing systems.
The automated scanning software leverages a database of known vulnerabilities and generates findings for tightening network security. Our consultants set up sophisticated scanning templates that minimize false positives to deliver the most accurate results possible, helping your company reduce risks and ensure compliance.

Network and Application Penetration Test probes networks to identify security holes where attackers could gain access to computer systems. We provide real-world testing based on standard methodologies, verify secure configurations, discover gaps in compliance, and provide security awareness training for your staff.

PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)(CleanScan Service) utilizes PCI-compliant scanning tools and methodologies to fulfill PCI Data Security Standard requirements for quarterly external vulnerability scans.

Wireless Site Survey is conducted to ensure that wireless solution plans deliver the coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming, and Quality of Service your organization desires. The survey typically involves an on-site inspection, analysis of floor plans, and interviews with IT managers to determine the optimum design parameters for your wireless network.

Wireless Network Security Analysis helps secure wireless LANs by following industry best practices, including configuration hardening, network segmentation, and penetration testing. Over the years, many wireless LANs have evolved from limited connectivity within the enterprise to full coverage throughout the organization, leaving them open to malicious tampering.

Application Source Code Review examines software or application source codes to detect vulnerabilities. Unsecured codes can allow intruders to obtain sensitive information, perform Cross-Site Scripting, and launch a variety of attacks. Our experienced professionals analyze and identify breaking points in applications to neutralize any threats.